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• Apartment Buildings & Condominium Power Washing

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In Business, first impressions are everything. The exterior look and cleanliness of your property, speaks volumes to potential customers and business associates. Ez Clean has the professional experience and equipment to keep things clean and attractive with our commercial building cleaning services. Our unique low-pressure cleaning methods ensure your facilities get cleaned without damage or hassle.

• Bars, Restaurants & Brewery’s
• Shopping centers
• Office buildings
• Apartment Buildings & Condominiums
• Hospitals & Public Service Areas
• Schools & Playgrounds

Commercial Business Power Washing Maryland Delaware

Ez Clean Provides Commercial Power Washing Services
In The Following Areas:

In Maryland: Salisbury, Cambridge, Easton, Hurlock, Trappe, Preston, St. Michaels and Delmar Maryland.
In Delaware: Seaford, Laurel, Delmar, Bridgeville, Greenwood, Harrington, Houston and Felton.

Power Washing For Schools & Playgrounds!

Now, more than ever, it’s imperative we do all we can to keep our children safe.  We can power wash, clean, and disinfect any school, daycare center or playground.  Left to the outdoor elements day after day, and vulnerable to germs of all kinds, playground equipment can be a highly contaminated surface. From bodily fluids to bugs and animal droppings to mold, both schools and playgrounds are at the top of the list for high levels of germs, bacteria, and disease.  Call Ez Clean, to solve these concerns immediately!

Power washing schools maryland delaware

Power Washing For Restaurants, Bars, Brewery’s and More!

Cleanliness coupled with the right setting are paramount to the success of a restaurant, bar or brewery business. Proper cleaning of the building, eating areas and equipment are also crucial for safety and passing inspections. EZ Wash has the experience and specialized equipment to safely clean your restaurant inside and out! We can work outside your business hours to keep your business clean, without having to shut down. With extensive attention to detail, we will leave your establishment spotless, fresh and ready for business.


Powerwashing maryland restaurant bar brewery delaware

Townhouse, Condominium & Apartment Building Power Washing!

At EZ Wash, we have the equipment and experience to help keep communities clean and sanitized! We can quickly and efficiently pressure wash an entire building complexes, including; Condo’s, Town Homes, Apartment Buildings, Assisted Living Facilities and more! We can clean sidewalks, decks, railings, curbs, roofs and the driveway. No job is too big for us! Keeping HOAs and residents happy is an ongoing job, and it’s good to have competent exterior cleaning help when you need it! Call Ez Clean today for a free quote.

power washing townhomes apartments maryland delaware

Shopping Center & Retail Business Power Washing!

Overtime, spilled drinks, gum, dirt, grime and other undesirables can build up on your retail establishments sidewalks and parking areas. Weather, construction, vandals and even animals can deteriorate the exterior of your buildings facade. At Ez Clean, we can clean all of it! We can work closely with your property manager or the establishments owner, to work around your peak customer service hours.


power washing shopping mall public outdoor spaces



Our Commercial / Business / Property Power Washing or “Pressure Cleaning” services, not only keeps the exterior of the building clean and visually appealing, it also helps to maintain the property value! With the abundance of rain and humidity in Maryland and Delaware, algae and mildew typically build up on roofs and siding, leaving unsightly black spots and streaks.

As mold, mildew and algae grows, it will actually eat the paint right off the surface it is on. Mold and algae growth can keep your homes moist, leading to wood rot and paint failure. We can provide high pressure and safe and gentle washing that cleans and disinfects! Pressure Cleaning saves a lot of time and does a far superior job to scrubbing or washing by hand. It’s amazing to see the difference before and after pressure washing siding, roofs, eaves, deck, sidewalks & driveways!